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1920 - HILDEBRAND / GÖTEBORG softbound, reprint (Uppsala 1980)
softbound, reprint (Uppsala 1980)
This issue has, in different parts, been reprinted from the original which was published in 1921. It consists of Gothenburg Chess Association's Anniversal Tournaments, 251 pages and 211 games, all in Swedish. 1. Reti, followed by Rubinstein, Bogoljubov, Tarrasch, Mieses, Tartakower and Kostic. 14 participants: Maroczy, Marco, Spielmann and Nimzowitsch.The B group was won by Johner, followed by Allan Nilsson and Euwe.16 participants in total. V. Sjöberg, A. Håkansson, Anton Olsson and K. Berndtsson. The C-group was won of O. Nilsson, ahead of Norman-Hansen. 14 participants; S. Krenzisky. Printed in Uppsala 1980.
Price: $36,00

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